For I am the LORD, your GOD, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you – Isa 41: 13

  Dear Lord Holy Spirit, thank you for being my LORD and Helper.♥

In the most trying situations of my life I can lean on You and believe that You are there with me… it may be for  new things and new risks I am taking.. Just to know Dear Holy Spirit you are there, I am very delightful and humbled.. Please anoint my writing … that Lord God’s will be done, In Jesus name Amen.

 What is beautiful about God is,  He is very much near in tough times. Sometimes we have lots of friends and they all seem special to us because they connect to us and we must have had some special moments at a particular time in our life.. Thus we assume that tomorrow too they will remain and when we are stripped of all glory n honor that they will remain..  We do believe what we assume.

But only when you enter into the realm of reality when you are left on your own, you see that  most of them go into hiding.. There calls get lesser, their appearance and gatherings are shortened and finally they even stop darkening the door of your life..  And those that you really didn’t bother much about show a special attention.. They come uncalled for.. And care for you and are a shoulder to lean on. And you wonder why? They must have been the ones whom you abused in your cooler days, days of hanging with a crowd… abused? – yeah.. Defaming them, laughing at them… not wanting to socialize with them..

 That’s how God is.. When we least expect to hear from Him, He answers .. He comes and helps..  He is the one who breathes His strength to strengthen us for yet another day, and fear of being alone or criticized is too much for a person to take, that’s why we like to be hidden under the shelter of a gang, under the laws and regulations of society and Terms & conditions of family!  Even to appear cool. You have a law, for every phase in your life you have these unspoken laws that you abide with… to be accepted by the people whom you love and by whom you are loved..  Then why mock the Law of Almighty God? Why is His Law so unbearable.. ?

He knows what will work out for your eternity ..He helps.. He Helps… but if you want His help.. Lord will tell How He works, because of who He is.. God.. Supreme and above every thing you see, you and your self! He is above the mentality , mind-set and philosophy that men claim and live by.

 He has a Law for man .. That’s grace..  Law of Grace! To love and give unconditional love.. Unconditional love..  That’s His Law, in return He wants u to believe Him and not fear .. When everyone turns their heel against you.. Not to fear after accepting His Son’s sacrifice.. Things don’t work out the way you want, not to fear.. For fear is for those who are perishing.. But to those who trust in Him, have faith..  In Abba Father!


 Today, cast all your cares and burdens at the feet of Him who cares, loves u,.. You must have failed 100 times, been unsuccessful most of your life, must have been most resented person, you must have tried all.. Yet, His ways are unsearchable.. He can create new ways into people’s life who have been given up by all and called LOOSER.. He can work in those who have nothing to give Him except LOVE..  Yes, He’s seeking an empty vessel…  empty vessel yielding to Him.. 

 Give your self and see the change He’s willing to give, and pick up His Law of grace and walk! Law of freedom from the clutches of opinions of people, from the iron bondage’s of mockery, hatred, gossip, back-biting.. See How He breaks the fetters and loosens the bondage’s that kept you in dark. Arise ..My Word I breathe into your life..


 Who ever you are.. The invite is to each one of you… enter the Kingdom of Love, grace, Holiness and everlasting life!!! thirsty and hungry.. Come.. Come.. The King of Jerusalem awaits you… Jesus awaits you.


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