Dearest Lord Holy Spirit, Teach me Your Word and let me be victorious in every battle and strengthen me in Jesus name Amen.

Psalm 18 revealed – 

The Psalmist enters His prayer chamber with lots of trouble that he is undergoing currently, he is reproached by his known people and there are lot of obstacles from the enemy which are shown in the natural realm through lot of chaos and confusion and stagnancy. He is a sure believer. In spite of that, there is a desperate situation where inside and out there is turmoil, He declares in prayer to God – Whom he believes God to be … He opens his heart to God in declaring the strength of the Lord, Believing God is all sufficient, able to help. But do know, in the process of prayer – he is receiving the victory he wanted. He left the prayer chamber with answers to his prayers and victory spiritually & naturally. 

Jesus is my ROCK


  1. The Lord is my Rock    – meaning foundation, faith in Him
  2. The Lord is my fortress   
  3. Deliverer
  4. My God, my strength
  5. My buckler
  6. The horn of my salvation
  7. My high tower
  8. For who is God save the LORD? Or who is a Rock save the God?
  9. I will call upon the LORD, JESUS is worthy to be praised – I will be saved from mine enemies

David now declares and cries out to God about his troubles, why does he cry to God about his troubles, when God knows it, it shows his humility and also helps him to unburden himself and come out of the realm of flesh – which is death, he is putting his flesh to death that he can enter the peace of God and be in the presence of God and pours out his heart to God knowing God hears every word. The troubles he faces are not minor which he can solve, its beyond his control – he goes into length describing it- that the pains of death surrounds me. I feel the thorn in my flesh


  •  Sorrows of death compassed me
  • Floods of ungodly men made me afraid – sometimes the enemy does not give one big unsolvable problem, underneath that is floods of other unsolved issues
  • The sorrows of hell compassed me about
  • The snares of death prevented me

Believer decide to call – seek God in prayer, pray and wait in prayer … yes, you are weak now, but God by His Spirit will empower you. For the Holy Spirit will pray through you. For you are the temple God dwells in, though weak stand on the Rock, He will deliver. To the weak, frustrated… Come to Christ, ask Our Blessed Helper to pray and intercede. Reach out to Him like never before. You have to maybe spend more time, but you will meet the Lord and be victorious. There comes a time in prayer where tears become your language, you cry and hear the groan of the Spirit. You come in weakness, but you don’t stay weak, you rise in Success and Joy.


  • I will call upon the LORD, JESUS who is worthy to be praised – I will be saved from mine enemies
  • In my distress i called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God.

You prayed once, twice, a year and waited for long, but believe this is your day for a miracle when the Most High will rise to help. Ask help to pray a prayer that will move God into actions. God is merciful, His heart melts at the tears of his children.Believers in fiery trials will gird themselves in prayer to reach out and bring themselves to Him. Wow, the greatest joy is to know God heard your voice..above all the praise of saints in heaven, all the angels and elders praising God and declaring His Glory.. God’s heart was seeking His children who will set their heart to seek Him, that voice is more pleasing to Him than all the angels praising in paradise. He longs for you to come to Him, He longs as a father who has 100 children, but still longs to love each one of them. 

Running after GOD


  • He heard my voice out of His temple, my cry came before Him, even unto His ears

We don’t pray that the situations remain same, we don’t pray because it looks nice and feels nice to pray, we pray because we have to get out of the mess satan has created, our wrong decisions that has brought us in trouble.. we pray to seek Jesus, He alone can help. It’s Jesus, It’s Jesus, It’s the Holy and the Mighty One.. who can come and save you. God isn’t interested in religious acts of prayer, that is full of words and spirit is away, He is wanting prayer that will bring Him into action. He seeks those who set their heart in Him.Because of the cry of His Child , God comes into the scene. Finally, He rises to defend and protect His child, Yes prayerlessness kept Him away but when we just took time to pray… He comes in .. To destroy the enemy.

GOD Intercedes


  1. Then The earth shook and trembled – after the prayer.
  2. The foundations also of the hills moved and were shaken, because he was angry
  3. There went up smoke out of his nostrils
  4. Fire out of his mouth devoured, coals were kindled by it
  5. He bowed the heavens also
  6. He also came down,
  7. Darkness under his feet
  8. He rode upon a cherub and did fly
  9. He did fly upon the wings of the wind
  10. He made darkness his secret place
  11. His pavilion round about him were dark waters
  12. Thick clouds of the skies
  13. At the brightness that was before Him his thick clouds passed, hail stones and coals of fire
  14. The LORD also thundered in heavens,
  15. The Highest gave His voice
  16. Hail stones and coals of fire
  17. He sent out his arrows and scattered them
  18. He shot out lightning, and discomfited them – against the enemy
  19. The channels of the waters were seen
  20. The foundations of the world were discovered at your rebuke
  21. O Lord, at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils 

To be continued…. 



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