Dear Holy Spirit, Let Your thoughts flow afresh, In Jesus name Amen. 

God now helps the believer, His very presence moved the mountains that stood … the earth and all the powers of air bowed to God. The psalmist confesses that the enemy is too strong for me but not for the Lord, for the Lord delivered him from all those troubles. God scattered the enemies by His mighty Arm.


  1. He sent from above, he took me
  2. He drew me out of many waters
  3. He delivered me from the strong enemy
  4. From them which hated me – for they were too strong for me
  5. God brought me forth also into a large place
  6. He delivered me – because He delighted in me.
  7. God will light my candle, meaning man’s spirit
  8. The LORD God will enlighten my darkness
  9. It is God who strengthens me with strength
  10. And makes my way perfect
  11. God makes my feet like hinds feet
  12. He sets me upon my high places
  13. God has girded me with strength unto the battle
  14. Thou has also given me the neck of mine enemies
  15. That I might destroy them that hate me
  16. God delivers me from my enemies
  17. Great deliverance gives he to His king


  1. They prevented me in the day of my calamity but the LORD was my stay

God not only delivers, God honours and rewards him for his righteousness. The moment and phase that he was in, was unbearable and too difficult but he did not lose heart. He didn’t forsake God’s law. As a believer in Christ, what God commands us to do – when all is fine, there is temptation, when everything is in a mess – you don’t want to do it. In that you are rebelling. You don’t want to do it why? Because you are weak, you have lost your vision and your hope. You feel down and left out by God. You think He doesn’t care. But He does, for the reward is for those who endure, trust and believe. Those who went-back didn’t come out nor received His Favour. There is a reward, a prize and a blessing.. that we need to claim, these are the promises that God promised when you read the Word, these are yours for taking, how can you go back when He has the palace for you, the Title of a KING for you, when He is gonna robe you in Purple, in Love and Honour and Grace and Abundant Mercy. 


  1. The LORD rewarded me according to my righteousness
  2. According to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me
  3. For I have kept the ways of the LORD
  4. I have not wickedly departed from my God
  5. For all His judgements were before me
  6. I did not put away his statues from me
  7. I was also upright before Him
  8. I kept myself from mine iniquity
  9. Therefore, the LORD has recompensed me according to my righteousness
  10. According to the cleanness of my hands in His eyesight

God’s character is revealed, He is a merciful God to those who impart mercy to others, who are not selfish. Who are upright in their heart and deeds – God will show His righteousness by blessing you…


  1. With the merciful God will be merciful
  2. With an upright man thou will show Thyself upright
  3. With the pure Thou will show yourself pure
  4. With the froward (devious) thou will show Thyself froward (shrewd)
  5. His Ways are perfect
  6. The Word of God is tried



 God’s nature is to save, especially those who cannot save     themselves. Who have tried each and every known & unknown trick and still failed. They went everywhere and nothing good happened. Yes, they went to all sorts of people, did all kind of things and theories. Nothing is happening, the soul is still afflicted …still bears the pain and is down and heavy, unable to rest. There is mental torment and oppression, insults and captivity, persecution. To such, God is your help, rescuer and Hero ! He is here to help and love and give always and forever.

  • Thou will save the afflicted people
  • But will bring down high looks
  • He’s a buckler to all those that trust in Him
  • God shows mercy on His anointed – To David and to his seed forevermore.

 To be continued…. 



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