Dearest Holy Spirit, bless me with freshness and oil  of gladness.. Come anoint my writing.. In Jesus name. Amen

Repent Ye, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand – Matt 3:2

From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand – Matt 4:17

True forgiveness is from the Father God alone, no one can forgive the sins of the heart except One who made the heart.. He is the creator of our being and existence, He knows all things about us.


Because we are spirit beings and dwell in a body and have all kinds of emotions In our souls… He knows that He alone can offer an atonement and a substitute for our fallen nature, We all know even the best looking person has so many secrets and problems in life. The over ambitious have trampled people, used and misused people to come where they stand in pride of life!


We know each of us and understand that how fallen we are… but we do not know where we fell from.. That’s why we embrace this saying not all are perfect! That makes us feel better about our fallen nature.. We don’t understand .. How a person who vowed to keep his wife happy and actually loved her .. Now beats her mercilessly.. And shames her in the privacy called Home.. And how a wife .. To a faithful husband walks away from.. To be entangled with the stranger..  For she asked for all those things the husband is working for.

The children born in such an environment of confused parents, hurting parents,  imperfect and immature.. Grow up more hurt and are called REBELLIOUS.. They wear this tag with pride to hide their deepest emotions. So fallen man is.. So fallen a woman is.. So fallen the children of this world are..

These people are not uncivilized, they are the excellent in the race,  they are the ones who are the bright among all.. Shining and being the envy of all society! 

Seeing from generation and hearing of history and learning from the fallen men around, we believe and thus conclude we are fallen, one cannot be free from all this hassles of life… And we try to escape in our achievements the fallen nature of men.. So we open up organizations , NGOs , charities and events to help the poor, needy and sick… looking at their weakness we feel that we are blessed to be what we are.. Even amidst all this confusion and ignorant of God.

But at night, when the phone calls have ended, the wife has gone back to sleep, the children are away, no more any one.. Just you.. There is a thought..its so subtle and so small.. You barely hear it.. So we begin again..the chore of the day and call it LIFE.. 


Where did you come from.. Yeah mom’s womb.. Everyone has an answer.. Why does your thought go toward that One name you fail miserably to understand and grasp. Its like holding water..slips away..  trying to understand.. Why water has no color! GOD… the unknown, invisible person .. God.. Who is God.. What is God…  why is God.. Where is God…  why do we


need Him.. Why do we talk about Him.. Why can’t people put Him in the bracket called RELIGION and leave Him there.. But He seems to come.. We hear in news..and watch TV, there are His name Everywhere.. O How the world has tried to shut Him out.. GOD.. 

Then we hear He loved the World to so much that He sent His Son to die for the world? Is that true… we wonder and make such haste judgment that no He is not the Son! How can God have a Son?

Its easier for religion to exist, you have to choose the one you like and go into it.. Do some repetitions and strange meditations and do what you feel like and there you are in RELIGION.. There is such false sense of hope that you forget GOD.  But Jesus, He is telling me I must repent.. O why.. What have I done..?  Where, have I harmed anyone..  In deed you remember the times you were hurt, bruised, wounded, left alone, disappointed, mocked, bullied, hated, disliked by all.. n  so much more.. U can really come up with your sorrows!

Jesus.. What’s in this name.. A revelation of Your fallen nature.. Why.. Because YOU FELL FROM HIS LAW,HIS STANDARD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!

So when u cringe saying you are not in Jesus movement, you are again testifying of your fallen nature.. Because no one else COMMANDS  YOU to PRAY FOR FORGIVENESS for the fallen nature of yours.. . You say He is false, because in Him you see your own shame, rather than turning, you condemn the Holy One..  

Who says pray for forgiveness.. Repent … why turn back from evil way of not knowing God.. Not knowing the Saviour .. Who paid the price for Your sins…  yes.. Because YOU ARE A SPIRIT, ONLY THE SPIRIT PERSON COULD TAKE YOUR PLACE AND MAKE ATONEMENT FOR YOUR SINS.. THAT IS THE FALLEN NATURE.. FOR YOU FELL AND ARE IN BONDAGE.. UNLESS THE GOD HIMSELF SETS U FREE~


Be free..

From the darkness of not knowing you are free

From lust of the eye- the things that hold you bondage only bring you closer to the mouth of the pit

From the lust of the flesh – say no.. Say no.. To the world, which is pushing n kicking you down in the bottomless fire of pit

From the pride of life of I know all

Be free..

Brother from hatred

From hurt and pain

From the anger which is burying you and your loved one

From the idols of this nations

From the religion

From the opinions of people, perception of the world

From the race of richness to rags to nakedness

From the murder of your soul

From the death of your spirit

From the sin against God ,, the Living God

From the blasphemy  of the Holy Spirit

From the mockery of the Saviour

Be free,

And know peace,

know Love,

know Truth, Way and Life

know and embrace Holiness called Life

Embrace the outstretched arms of Father, Son

Embrace and know the Freedom of the Love ..igniting and burning in your heart

Be free, and know Wisdom, knowledge and understanding and revelation of God

Be free,

Be free .

Freedom from Sin and united in God

Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.!

Forgiveness and love ..  Are knocking on your door,

Open and know LIFE.. YOUR LIFE,

Redeemed, set free, washed, sanctified,

Bathed In the blood of Christ Jesus

Healed by His broken Body

ARISE and Claim LIFE..

You have 120 yrs to do it

Or 120 yrs and Eternity to cry  …

Its long separation..

The bridge has been built,

The trumpets of Victory has been blown,

The angels are in charge…

The Day is coming Soon..

For the Earth to receive and welcome whom the people rejected

The day is here, for togetherness and day of deep cry for the unsaved

Come.. Come.. Claim your heir ship!

Shout Am free. Am free. Am free. For Jesus is alive!!

The Son of the Living God is coming again..

Repent and turn back to God..

Be free and forgiven!! AMEN





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