Dearest Holy Spirit, reveal Your Word to me and anoint me with Your Wisdom and knowledge, and touch our life afresh. In Jesus name. amen

And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so as to go by day and night. – Exodus 13:21


God came and visited the Children of Israel through a pillar of fire. This kind of appearance  of God today  is unheard of and we don’t expect such presence.

We have taken the presence of God to merely praise and preaching..  Where is the meeting of the Lord. For in the days of Solomon when Solomon had finished praying on the day of dedication of the temple to the Lord, the Fire from Heaven came and consumed the burnt offering.

When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the temple. – 2 Chron 7:1

Has God changed or people become too comfortable in sofa’s, air-conditioned rooms, in daily routine, in marriage, in life and family to wait for the Lord of Heaven and Earth..

God is same yesterday, today and forever. He will never change and never will His Glory leave.

What was magnificent about the appearance of the Lord God Almighty among the children of Israel? They saw the power of God. The power of God overthrew the enemies and the strongholds, the power of God led them through wilderness and touched their life until the fear of the JEWS fell on the neighbouring countries and the gentiles.

I want to emphasis the reason why God came so gloriously the way He came then! –

Humility of the Leader leading the Flock – Moses humbled himself to God and God could use him. Solomon being the King’s Son humbled himself to seek Wisdom and knowledge from God in God’s appearance and not for wealth and riches. David – The Shepherd of sheep, always inquired before any battle began and finally won. And he did win every battle that He sent forth. The list goes on. Humility is what we miss..  In the church of God.. We need to Humble before God.


Consecration Set apart, to be set apart for God’s Work, to go forth where He leads. Not where it is comfortable. We have one job supporting our financial need in the secular world and the other here in church – speaking about faith. The Flock are not seeing the result. The CROSS means self-denial. Every resource that you can meet on your own, GOD ISN’T INTERESTED. He wants to reveal His Glory through your dependence on HIM.  He wants to meet you when you can DARE to live by faith. He is a God that loves to change impossible into possible.  To seek the face of God. Moses Spent 40 yrs in the wilderness before He was ready to lead. Paul spent 3 years  – being molded into the image of Jesus Christ until God could use Him.

being cleansed

WaitingPraying until seeing the face of God.. What is the Face of God, Glory and revelation of His presence and plans for our future. How many of us are trying to lead when fighting defeated battle with the enemy. O Lord, I cry Let YOUR FIRE COME. O Elijah Waited until the Fire from Heaven came .. There were 450 false prophets dancing, running around and there must have been a lot of demonic forces to fight , But the Courage of Elijah didn’t fail. He withstood them because of His consecration, He wasn’t swayed by the wicked one.

Seeking and Waiting on Lord Jesus

OBEDIENCE in all matters. It includes each and every thing.

O God, How I long to see your Fire come on the church of God.

The Fire – Holy Spirit is in our midst and we have limited Him so much and I pray for forgiveness. O He is the Pillar of Fire, He is the Power of God, He is the One who makes Jesus real for us. O Lord The Fire cannot be diminished , it will aflame the ministers of God. I pray Your Holy Fire come and consume Your Church, I pray for consecrated Men and Women of God,Jesus  is the Son of God. Hallelujah!



O God, Come …

Come Father, For we long for you.

Let Your Blood Jesus wash us..

Come and consecrate us in Fire..

Come we welcome you.

Deliver Your Children from bondages, from foolishness, from defeat

Come Jesus, Come O Lord.

We cry for YOU and Baptism of Holy Fire.

We pray the bride will arise in this time in great power, victory and glory..

Come Jesus – Let the nations hear you, Come Jesus – Let the lost soul be saved,

Come Jesus – Come Jesus, Come Jesus, Miracle working God,

Saviour of our life! Come .. In Your GLORY!! In Your love..




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