Dearest and Beautiful Holy Spirit, Lord  of my life.. Come into my life and bless me with the presence and anoint me with the Oil of gladness… That Lord Your Word be my word and we are One… In Jesus name. Amen


“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  This is what the ancients were commended for. – Heb 11:1-2”

God is cool and helpful! His ways are past finding out.. If I can describe His ways.. It’s like a postman bringing a letter or present from a far off but dearest and bestest friend… it comes out of no where.. There is no warning, you are surprised and are joyful ! It will touch the deepest chords of your heart and u REJOICE!!


HALLELUJAH! That’s how God’s ways are.. Past finding out.. Its wonderful and awesome..

But while the heart wonders about the far off friend.. Whether there is any concern and any thought towards u .. your heart weeps silently for the dear little friend and u remember the good moments with the friend and wish u had some of it now.. A letter, a phone call, a unexpected visit, a gift , a note does it all! U forget all your complaints, murmuring, sadness and are filled with joy inexpressible..

So is our Loving Father in Heaven and Jesus.. He’s just around the corner and waiting to reveal His bestest present He got from His Daddy.. But waits patiently for us to come along… Hallelujah!!  Waits on us to call on Jesus.

Daddy sent me a present .. It’s not at my door still.. What’s happening.. You said big Bro.. It’s on the way.. Don’t fret, only believe..! Where is it dear Lord… He says Father has already sent it. Just wait around the corner dear child.. I am bringing it along.. But what is it that you have surrounded your self with.. So much of fear, anxiety, doubt, weeping.. For what? Am I not able to provide.. Did u forget your last gift?

Did you forget this morning I sent you my goodies.. Come arise dear one.. And put on Faith.. Yeah.. Believe in Me and you shall prosper..Call on Me and I shall answer.. Aren’t these the Word of the Loving Father in Heaven who has spoken to you thus.. Why travail in pain, and agony?

Why cry in the middle of the night as if I didn’t hear.. I did.. I saw and heard and wept too .. That you doubted.

Definite PROMISE

Oh.. Come, now see as I move these mountains of problems from your life.. I move it one at a time.. Lest you are wearied…for I need you to say aloud in Faith .. Jesus You can do it!! Jesus You have done it.. ! Jesus victory is Yours.. Keep shouting and proclaiming dear one.. And I will bring it to pass.. Not the way you want it.. In My special way.. C’mon.. It’s not the time to hit the pillow, cry and whine.. It’s the time to work and awake yourself.. From spiritual lethargy..  It’s the time to get together with the blessed Friend and Counselor Holy Spirit… Hallelujah!

Come and see the mountain is moved.. What next.. A miracle…

What is a miracle..  When God revives your faith in Him.. And you shout victory.. All your prayers are answered..  Miracle is just not what you received.. Miracle is the working of faith in your life and knowing God whom you never knew before.. That’s a Miracle..

Promise of God

 I am happy today

For the Lord has Risen

I am happy Today

For His mercy endures forever

I am happy today

The mountain is moved

I am happy today

That He saw and heard me

I am happy today

Because the Blood of Jesus washes me afresh

I am happy today

For He is my Lord and Saviour

I am happy today

For the Miracle

I am happy today

For the good fruit of righteousness

I am Happy

I am Happy

I am Happy

The Spirit of Joy is in me

The Spirit of Love is in me

The Spirit of Living and TRUE God is in me

I am happy

Because I am in Christ

And Christ in me

I am happy because

Angels protect  me

I am happy today

Satan is defeated

I am happy

He provides bread to the poor

Hope to the hopeless

Faith to the humble

Mercy to all

I am happy

My Lord is alive

My Lord is awesome

I am happy

There is no darkness

I am happy

Because He answers all my needs

According to His riches and Glory

Exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think !!

 To Jesus be the Praise!!

Happy in God

 Amen… .



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