Dearest Holy Spirit, Let Your Word be my word now, “Impart to me the Spirit of wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Him that the eyes of my understanding being enlightened in the Hope His calling, In Jesus name Amen. 

He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. – Matt 10:37-28

But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven – Matt  10:33

And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.  – Luke 9: 23-24

What the Lord has said stays settled in Heaven and Earth .. No one can change it.. That’s the TRUTH..There are many in this present world, we don’t have to seek out the Anti-Christ for time to come, we have many and numerous of satan’s domain… to turn the sheep from following the True shepherd.. The hireling are many.. In many masks, numerous philosophies… and teachings, doctrines.

The leaven is already mixed in.. And the tares are growing with the wheat. The unwanted weeds have colored themselves into saints, and messengers of God.. The Lying spirit deceiving the world and the church.. Many are Like Alexander whom Paul the Apostle mentioned.. Leaving the flock and turning away from the Truth. (2 Tim 4:13-15)  Men don’t stop to exalt self and their thoughts. What does the camel know of being a mountain.. But it considers itself too BIG TO BOW until it comes under the mountain and see’s its  own self, shadow and frailty.

Many have issues with these verses quoted above – HATE.. Parents, siblings, children, friends and finally self and then only WORTHY of JESUS.. Is it worth all this.. (Luke 14:26) Why did Jesus want such a severe denial of self?? 

What is self.. Let’s being with self,… I, me, my self – idols of your life! 

      • I love people to adore me
      • I love to be complemented
      • I love people to say yes to me
      • I love to say I am egoist
      • I love not to accept my errors, mistakes
      • I find it too hard to say sorry to some one whom I have genuinely hurt, grieved
      • I love to watch fun stuffs even if it is not right at times
      • I don’t mind to lie to save myself from few embarrassing and difficult situations.
      • I LIE when it’s convenient
      • I love to put on a mask to my neighbor, to the world, to friends, to close friends, to hi-bye friends, to colleagues, to visitors and to self
      • I am faking so long that I have forgotten what the real me is all about
      • I am always complaining
      • Murmuring is my 2nd name
      • I love speaking about my pride and lust
      • I love gossiping, and back – biting
      • I don’t bother about God
      • I don’t think much about His opinion
      • I love to think of heaven and earth, hell as the way I see best
      • I don’t think of helping the poor, needy and animals
      • I am partial to whom I love
      • I am mean to my enemies
      • And so on…

If self has such a big list.. How much more the parents and children…after all they too are human.. Just like us.. Why does it make them any different because we are family. The human frailties that you carry.. So they do..Lord doesn’t mean to dislike our loved ones … but not to keep them and self in par with the Lord..

For no one can be compared to who He is.. He is GOD.. Creator and maker and Lawgiver of Righteousness and Holiness God Said I will never share My glory with another.. Because His Glory is spotless and Holy, It carries His presence… How can He reveal it to those that don’t honor Him and His Word.


We die daily to this world for each new day brings new earthly desires, we have a lot of desires that births in us and we want what is of the world such that we are accepted , we FIT IN! and we are ACCEPTED.  How would you feel when you know that the latest car is brought by your best friend and you want it too or something better.. That’s the self.. With all it’s desire that Lord said hate! Hate to feed the flesh, Hate to live to fit in the world, hate to exalt what is perishable.. Hate the enemy.. Hate .. Perfect hatred.. . It is a constructive hatred, which builds us spiritually and the carnal man is put to death. It isn’t the hate to hate  a stranger, fellow believer! for remember we fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. ( Eph 6: 12-13) 

Only when the Flesh has died to its desire can the flesh be crucified on the cross ..  Only when Jesus said to Father God  not My will but Thine be done.. was the plan of salvation unfolded.


Even the Son of God had to say not My will Father, Yours be done..  Only then Jesus could enter the Glory which He left behind for us. We are being transformed into the Image of the Only begotten of the Lord..

How can two will exist?

Every one likes the glorious part of being Jesus, the power and the resurrection.. His death.. No one wants to be part of. But that’s where Holy Spirit is leading us every day.. To crucify the flesh .. That we can live in glory of His resurrection.. For the Spirit in us can do great things when we are an instrument in His Hand. Then this body the temple of the Living God, can mightily conquer the deeds of the enemy and its snares and net.. and let the victories  that Abraham and His descendants enjoyed and also the Apostles of Jesus Christ can be tasted by the Church of today..


We are the Church. It’s not the building where we gather .. It’s us.. We are the channel through which God Almighty planned to operate.. He plans to give us the privilege to be the channel for His Spirit to flow. Hallelujah! Praise the Lamb of God..  Only the death of self can be the beginning of the Life of Christ in us.. If you are alive and your desires are alive in satisfy the flesh and all its demands then you miss the plan of God.. The goal of God Almighty.. When we are the channel .. Even nations will be blessed and delivered.. Lost souls saved, unity and peace and mighty healings will begin and the devil will bow to Jesus . We can see these miracles only when the Church will rise.. Only when we EMBRACE the cross, the shame, denial, rejection, humiliation and total abandonment to receive the Truth in our beings.. To be the One who says Thus says the Lord.. And demon power will be broken..

Only to be His Voice in the desert.. That there will be rivers of Living Water everywhere.. To be the voice and to be the crown of Glory in Father’s hands.. We have yet to see the mighty things Jesus spoke about.. When will the church stop being in the world and arise to the true heir ship it belong to? …and reign for what it was created.. You are the Light of the World.. Come..  And deny self and the resurrection power awaits you.. In Jesus name Amen .














Thank You Holy Spirit, let us sit by the feet of Jesus as Mary did. In Jesus name Amen. 

As she stood behind Him at His feet weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them – Luke 7:38 (NIV)

As Good Friday is approaching, there is only one reason to look forward to that day with gratitude and humble heart for what the Jesus the Son of God did as a Lamb of God for the entire mankind. 

Blessed is HE who comes in the Name of the LORD!

This day especially magnifies the day that occurred 2000 yrs ago, Jesus being glorified as the Saviour of our Soul! He died on the cross and was beaten, bruised , mocked, humiliated and nailed on the cross. Why? that sin have no hold on us and that we are not slaves of satan. He chose the way of the cross because He loves us, He dearly wants our fellowship. He longs to speak to each one of us. He set us free from every disease, curse, sickness and mental anguish … by bearing it Himself on the cross and delivering us! Thank You LORD!  

He quietly suffered on the cross, until He broke every power of satan and destroying every curse, every chain of satan from our life. In His death, He gave life. He gave redemption, a hope for a future, eternity of Joy with Him. Yeah, Heaven is beautiful because of Him. 

Don’t just come to Him because you are scared of suffering in Hell,  come to Him because He died for you, paid the price of sin. 

God desires YOU today! Desire Him today, as you want to begin this good friday – remember Him, His suffering, His price, His sacrifice and His love. His eternal Mercy. His Blood.. His wounds, His grief.

Come to the Lord, in Love and humility and sit by Him and Thank Him for the Death and Resurrection. 

Thank Him that the tomb is empty! 

That We are seated in the heavenly places with Him! 


Write, a new song thus says the Spirit of the Living God.

In the noon when all is quite and still

I hear your heart and wait to respond

I long to embrace you and speak to cheer you up!


The day I created, the day I planned,

Come and sit a while and know My heart

Know, when I am close to you

Draw for the Lord is near

The Lord loves laughter and Life.


Dearest Jesus, Thank You for the Cross Lord, for Your Blood and Sacrifice, that Your Body was broken to heal our broken body and life! For You are the bread of life! … Let us draw to U today with our hearts. Enjoy Your fellowship and seek YOUR FACE.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.  Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place. For now I have chosen and sanctified this house, that My name may be there forever; and My eyes and My heart will be there perpetually. As for you, if you walk before Me as your father David walked, and do according to all that I have commanded you, and if you keep My statutes and My judgments, then I will establish the throne of your kingdom, as I covenanted with David your father, saying, ‘You shall not fail to have a man as ruler in Israel. – 2 Chronicles 7:14-18 nkjv




Precious Holy Spirit, Glorify Jesus, In Jesus name Amen.

And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered  – Luke 1:6.

Let those waiting on the promises of God rejoice… for what you expect comes from Him who is always Faithful.

Arrival of Promise!

Mary and Joseph didn’t have one door in Bethlehem open for them, Just a manger. In the darkness of night, in the darkness of gloom, misery of knowing that even in Bethlehem I suffer … here, you must stay and dwell in your Land, make it your dwelling,  The time will come the greatness of the promise will be big upon you, everyone can see it but none can help. For you will be ready to bring out what God placed inside of you, the Word will form you, mould you, and work in you and Glorify you at the right time, at the right place. Let the Holy Spirit touch you where you didn’t let anyone else speak to you in that manner, before a house is built , the foundations are laid out, to lay the foundation the land has to be dug, yes, He was bringing out everything that should not be In you, for the Spirit fights against the flesh and the flesh against the Spirit. This is the place of total yielding, you cannot wait for so long and say I will not. You cannot let the Word of God spoken over your life go in vain. You sweated, you were hated, you toiled, you were lonely, affliction and suffering surrounded you, reproach was your friend, none followed you as you took the step of faith.


It was in the desert of your life where the Word was sowed. God beat back the enemies that came against you, you fought like a warrior, protecting what was inside of you. You didn’t allow the enemy to steal, destroy and kill. Now O children of Most High God, the time has come to show the world what you carried, what was the secret that kept you going, what was it that you worked on in isolation, in the basement of the world!

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel which being interpreted is, God with us Matt 1:23, it is the chaste virgin that brought forth the Word. the Light will shine forth, and come out! In the deadness of night, when everyone around you are asleep, there are no one to watch except the creation to gaze at the wonderment of God’s works that is coming out… what has been given you must protect, what has been spoken you must bring forth,  you must for your spirit is groaning… to bring forth and the flesh has to be dead. In the stillness of night, Christ the beautiful  Joy of the Heavens and Earth was brought forth… You suffered all this while but not while you gave birth…  you didn’t know … God did it! God said rest my child, for Christ has formed in you. Remember you are not alone, what ever promise is that you are carrying and believing for.

In Darkness the Light will shine

As the Lord said –

Before she was in labor, she gave birth; 

Before her pain came, 

She delivered a male child. 

Who has heard such a thing? 

Who has seen such things? 

Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? 

Or shall a nation be born at once? 

For as soon as Zion was in labor, 

She gave birth to her children. 

Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery?” says the LORD. 

shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?” says your God.  – Isaiah 66:7-9

He will fulfil all He has promised – For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us – 2 Corinthians 1:20. The joy that will flood a heart to see the promise has come to pass, the promise didn’t delay, the visions has come to pass. This day the scripture is fulfilled! She brought forth her first begotten Son – in the sense, before time began, you brought forth what was placed inside of you even before you were formed, in the beginning before sin ever reigned! You brought forth the greatness inside of you that God placed. In Humility you bring out… you travailed, Holy Spirit travailed.. He  kept you in order, sane when everything around you was chaos. Total Surrender to God’s will is the price to be paid.

Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying:

 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;

 Before you were born I sanctified you;

 I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:4-5


This is the time to rejoice, this is the time of peace, peace beyond understanding. You see with your eyes the promise of God before you. You are not tired In the flesh, you are ecstatic with joy to hold your dream! Believe the Word of God.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose – Romans 8:28

The whole heaven will rejoice with you, Bethlehem will open up. The angels will come down to behold and Sing Praises to God and declare the Glory of God and those shepherds that were asleep awoke to see the Glory of God. Yet in isolation was the beautiful Babe brought forth.

You must protect the promise God has given into your life that has birthed.



  1. The Heaven will open up – Luke 2:9
  2. Angelic visitation – Luke 2:13-14
  3. Others will recognize you – Luke 2: 15
  4. Kings from far will come to visit you – Matt 1: 11, 18
  5. The Glory of God will surround your life – Luke 2:9
  6. Prophetic utterance – Luke 2: 27- 34
  7. A change that will transform your life forever – Luke 2: 19
Thank Him
Glory to God!





Dear Holy Spirit, Touch all and Glorify Jesus that we receive Him whom we are expecting, In Jesus name Amen…

Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. Then she spoke out with a loud voice and said, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! But why is this granted to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For indeed, as soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy. Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord – Luke 1: 41-45 

Elizabeth saw her as the mother of the Lord, she saw the greatness that was growing in her ! They had fellowship with each other, they communed, shared… as Mary said –

        My soul magnifies the Lord,

       And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

       For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant;

      For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.

Magnify the LORD

Every high doesn’t get higher immediately.. God sent Mary back, there was more for her … there was yet the dying ! She was not yet ready for the labor pains. In this time of quietness, one must seek Jesus, expect Him to show up and direct you.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED– In quietness she leaned on God until the time came for her to depart to Bethlehem,

Expect to come to Bethlehem

God will work even the person who doesn’t know you to ensure His promise over your life comes to pass . Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching – 2 Tim 4:2, God used Caesar Augustus that he would send out a decree that all the world should be registered. Are you waiting for God to show up, He will but before that there are some shaking He has to do… He will call out from the north until everything that lies dormant will start working as  a team to bring you to the Promised land, yes these are the beginning of the birth pangs, these  are the times that you have to get out from the quiet life of Galilee. You have to act, it’s a time to get into action.. There will be rejections when you step out, a hard journey to carry on … Yes.. There will be long stretch of roads to go on..  After waiting so long, you have to still persevere, for the Path is narrow and few will enter and many can’t make it. There will be the testing of the will, God will test you to see what is in your heart.

Will you make your Journey, God says, I have shaken the world for you, I have opened the iron bars for you, Now Go, birth what I have put inside of you. Yes, the time is near it isn’t perfect yet. It is the time to gird up the loins of your mind.

GOD will make a path to travel

As Mary carrying the Seed of God in her womb traveled with Joseph not knowing what lay ahead for her, Trusting God to protect her at the time when everything in her wanted to rest but she went and made the journey. So must the pilgrim rise and make the journey. So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David.  He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child – Luke 1: 4-5     

Your Hometown

GOD EXPECTS YOU TO BEAR – Do you know that you belong to the Line of David? That you are the seed of Abraham? That your home town is not where you are born but where God leads you. Yes, the set time will come when your feet will run towards Bethlehem..  The Town of David, who is this Glorious Offspring of David? As you decided to remain in the comforts of the rags while the Lord wants you to step into the very place where the birth will take place.

By now Mary weary with the journey physically.. As she heard Joseph say Bethlehem is nearing.. Everything in her must have rejoiced… Bethlehem… a time to rest and a time to deliver, a time to bring forth what you carried through affliction, pain, sorrow and difficulty..  Why my Bethlehem have you shut the door of your heart to the carrier of the Seed of God? Why was there no place apart from a manger…  Bethlehem is the place of fruitfulness, when is the tree heavy? When the tree is bent under the weight of the glorious fruit that the branches bear? Was it good enough when it shook as the Wind passed over it? Bethlehem is the tree to bring forth the fruit.. It is the Time to deliver. Yes, the set time has come. You thought because you are the carrier of the seed of God you will be spared and welcomed.

The carrier goes through fire before the set time has come, that every impurity will be done away with, you will be clean to produce what God has given, for when you receive the promise, the joy that will flood your heart will Glorify the name of God among all the nations.


 To be continued…

God bless u.



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