Dear Father in Heaven, let the word of God empower us to live a life according to Father’s will… I pray let Your anointing flow, In Jesus name Amen.

I will worship toward Your holy temple, And praise Your name For Your loving kindness and Your truth; For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.= Psalm 138:2



When you have a company, you won’t feel bored, tired and reading will be adventurous! … Your companion in reading the Word of God is God the Holy Spirit, WELCOME HIM BEFORE YOU READ THE WORD, ASK HIM TO OPEN THE SCRIPTURES TO YOU, REVEAL CHRIST JESUS! He is more than willing to tell! JUST ASK. 

For He will reveal all Truth to you and make reading the Bible an adventure in Christ! You will enjoy the revelations He will bring and will be filled with awe for God and love Him dearly…  You will also be able to make wiser decisions in areas where you suffered for you didn’t know what God wanted you to do, there was spiritual darkness  but now He will Help you. When we study the word of God we receive knowledge from God about Him, His heart and mind and we perceive what He says. Applying it in real life we get results. We see God move on our behalf.  


Even Jesus set an example by using the Word of God against satan’s lies. He said – “It is written”. (Read Matt 4). Satan is a defeated foe, yet he uses strategies to collapse our walk in God, He isn’t afraid when you go to church, he isn’t afraid when you are an anointed vessel of God, he fears when you pray for he fears God. He knows the power that destroyed him! Treasure God’s Word always.



The Word of God cleanses us. How? God’s word is alive, it is living! when you allow Him to speak to you through the Word, He is able to remove all that marred you through life’s terrible circumstances. The Word of God is a treasure. 


Where there is darkness, confusions; God’s word destroys it. Only the Word of God is truth and the Truth dispels darkness by revealing what is hidden and enlightens our eyes that we see more than what we see with natural eyes.


Many times you don’t receive what God speaks to you because there is a barrier and the barrier is the LOGIC SYSTEM. God’s logic is HIGHER AND ABOVE than man’s rational thinking, reasoning and logic. To know His mind, be willing to surrender your set way of thinking and when the motive of your heart is pure in His sight, He will answer all the questions that arises in your heart and mind.  TRUST HIM.


We have to say YES to be His students, We have to Honor God as our Teacher and learn from God the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit will teach us through His servants any one He wills to use… His ways will be a sermon, a devotion, a conversation with someone, some times more supernatural – He will make Himself known to you. One must discern the voice of God while you are hearing the sermon or reading a Christian book. You have to HEAR GOD. You must seek Him with your heart. 


His commandments are what set the kingdom of God different from man’s world. We learn what is light and what is not. We learn His righteousness, His abhorrence to sin. He is Wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Your life can be built by His Word.


The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly (spirit of man)- Prov 20:27

Through the conviction of Holy Spirit, we know what we must put off, we must let it be removed, for we must not let darkness reign. It does separate us from certain habits which we thought were harmless unless revealed by Jesus. He is a gentle Teacher and loves to teach. He even rebukes in love and it is sweet.


Jesus called the Apostles as He met them and said “follow Me“, it is the same thing TODAY. To follow Jesus and not ask Him to follow you. If you do – He won’t follow you, you will be alone on that road and He will wait for you to humble, demolish your ego , pride and follow Him in the path of righteousness. He will lead us through the narrow path of life. Even when satan uses all his old faded tricks to create fear, doubt in your heart – through the sword of the spirit – you can destroy all evil plan of satan. Father God seeks those who will follow Him and trust Him. 


Fear of the living God keeps us away from sinning. For the wages of sin is death. There is no pleasure in sin though satan lies to us in times of temptation. Fear of God keeps us from sinning. He is love and also we know He is Holy and that’s the reason to destroy the middle wall of separation between God and man, God the Father sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, that through His death our sin, our iniquity and our transgression be forgiven in Him.  That now we are  circumcised in heart. For transgressors will not inherit the kingdom of God. Finally all our works will be tested in fire and judged accordingly by God.

Fear of God is also being in awe of Him, we are called sons of obedience in Christ Jesus. Jesus obeyed God at all points, even at the point of death. Disobedience to the Holy commandments were the reason why Adam and eve fell into sin. His voice bids us to keep our feet away from satan’s trap and nets.


Some who have thought God’s Word binds them have not truly experienced true liberty. They do not know what freedom is. God’s word liberates you from religious thinking, He gives you the freedom to love and not fill your heart with hatred and darkness. God’s word is life, it is bread to the hungry and water to the thirsty. It is miracle for the healing and deliverance someone has waited for. It is a message of love. You don’t have to cheat in your business to succeed, God will make a way when you yield in submission. Abraham was the most wealthiest person of his time and he was a servant of God.


Truth is what man seeks in His pleasure, labor, relationships and it is revealed only in Christ Jesus and the Word reveals the Christ your Saviour.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,

But fools despise wisdom and instruction.  – Prov 1: 7

Receive what He says, His life, make the right choices by taking the directions of Holy Spirit and you will be blessed. 

God bless us in knowing His Word always and forever. Treasure His Word for His Word is indeed Treasure! 




Dear Holy Spirit, lead us into closer relationship with our Heavenly Father in Jesus name Amen.

Therefore the Jews sought all the more to kill Him, because He not only broke the Sabbath, but also said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God. Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel.  For as the Father raises the dead and gives life to them, even so the Son gives life to whom He will. For the Father judges no one, but has committed all judgment to the Son, that all should honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him. – John 5:18- 23


It is most amazing that Jesus said that the Son can do nothing on His own , what ever He sees the Father do, the Son also does in like manner.

Here, I  speak “son” in the context of sons and daughters … not based on gender. For God’s word speaks to our spirit man, we are all called Joint heirs of Christ, all are Sons of God.  A Father, son relationship is amazing to watch as a child learns from his father at a tender age.

In Jesus I observe deep humility to be willing to say that the Son can do nothing on his own, except what He sees the Father do, he does like wise.


Even some of the best examples we learn are from our parents – manners and they help us in our character. They do pass on to us what their parents taught them early in life.  It is the first school  where you learn to respect, obey elders and love and give. Here you make the first mistakes and are scolded and corrected. Parents play a vital role in a child’s life and especially a father.

We have grown up adults who crave for attention like a nursery kid. They are hurt easily, willing to let go of the most dearest relationship. They are able to mange work, career and not your own personal life. Some fail in all areas. Why does a grown up – who’s well-educated , literate , knowing the things of the world .. Still crumble at calamities, still craves for love like a child. There are parents who are like kids. Who cannot differentiate between right and wrong. They are not young parents, they are now grandparents. Still hurting, confused, angry , bitter, too many wounds , revengeful, spiteful…  why ? 

Jesus as the most magnificent One, the Wisdom of God, Knowledge of God – shows us how He the Almighty God depends on Abba Father. He isn’t ashamed to tell us that He sees the Father do and like wise does Himself.

Parents teach children because they are their own and they love them for the simple reason they are their children. We need a generation of children who grow up SAFE in their own households, we need parents to look after their kids and teach them. WE need a love filled environment. LOVE is missing in most homes, love isn’t something to look down at, Love is not for those who are romantic, love isn’t for the weak. Love is for All. Love is God, the element of Life is LOVE. 


How many homes we know are broken, bleeding, outside they are like white washed painted walls… shining but it is fake, there is a mask. There are confused children and parents. We train them on career and do not know what to do when they cry in despair. We do not know HOW TO COMFORT when they are mocked in public in schools, colleges, work places. YOU cannot train them about what you do not know.

Here, we see the limit of human help. That cannot sort out its own problem and here, we look to the Lord our Saviour. He gave us an example in Himself to know whom we need, the FATHER in HEAVEN.

Daughters and sons behave and have different desires. We are FINE WITH EVERYTHING in THIS GENERATION. All types of desires are fine, its cool. ITS ACCEPTABLE.  We have crossed the barriers and are going through a wicked life on earth. Why are youth desiring to be no more and take the extreme steps? Why are young couple looking out to jump out of their wedding, why has adultery and fornication increased and DEPRESSION of every sort has multiplied. 

We look up to things man makes and lift it up and see it crumble… fall disgracefully in our sight. The singers and philosophers of this world cannot take you where HE can. GOD ALMIGHTY.

Jesus when He came down to earth as Son of Man , showed us the most humble experience to look unto Him and BE saved.


We are looking  at FALLEN PEOPLE, TWISTED, WELL CONCEALED, HIDDEN, DARK IDENTITIES, we have thousand LIKES for causes, where as personal causes are breaking and falling.

It is because of a FATHERLESS GENERATION, a Generation that doesn’t have a Father, that has said NO TO THE FATHER.

We are taught to be SELF DEPENDENT. Do not even depend on any one, just you and see where yourself have taken yourself to. To death, to graves, to drugs, to addiction of alcohol, smoking, to bring reproach to your own character, to gloom, frustration, depression.

In Whose hands is your soul in? Only God can control YOUR SOUL. He is ruler of all creation. He is YOUR CREATOR


Look to God, Just as Jesus looked, God never failed Him. Look to Abba Father. I don’t know what you went through, He knows. He knows to care and love you. He wants to embrace and wipe the stained faces of sin. Sin scarred face – He sees you, He sees your brokenness. People will see that you are rebellious, HE still runs after the REBELLIOUS KIDS!

Receive from Him garments of righteousness , receive from Him Love, and leave the lust  – the evil passions that masks itself as LOVE and traps you.

Receive from Him the Living Water and forsake the drink from the intoxicated drink of death, hell and perversion.

Your throats are dry, your eyes fail from watching in the darkness. Your lips are parched from drinking the lust of the flesh.

He is your light, His name is JESUS

The Son of the Living God, in Him you receive your sonship and can call this God as Daddy, Papa, Father in Heaven.

In His Spirit in you – YOU learn to obey, to surrender, and say YES TO ABBA’S WILL.


You learn right from wrong.

You have Him WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR to counsel YOU.


God says – Thus says the Lord: Cursed [with great evil] is the strong man who trusts in and relies on frail man, making weak [human] flesh his arm, and whose mind and heart turn aside from the Lord.

For he shall be like a shrub or a person naked and destitute in the desert; and he shall not see any good come, but shall dwell in the parched places in the wilderness, in an uninhabited salt land.

[Most] blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, and relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is.

 For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river; and it shall not see and fear when heat comes; but its leaf shall be green. It shall not be anxious and full of care in the year of drought, nor shall it cease yielding fruit. – Jere 17:5-8

What God can do, only He can do. He alone is YOUR Strength, refuge, your bestest friend, your guide. Your truth, your identity. Only GOD. Repent today and Turn to God and receive His grace. 

Not man, however wise, well-learned and aged that person is, However loving that person is, or caring.

You faint with break ups , you are wearied with your mistakes still you walk alone? Why don’t you rest in Him and drink from LIFE.

You must cry out to Him, Call out for HELP … FOR YOU ARE IN A PIT OF MIRY CLAY, SINKING DEEP DOWN. You need to LOOK TO HIM and fix your gaze upon Him who alone can bring healing to your wounded soul, to a soul trodden underfoot by men, by the society, you have become a toy in the hands of satan , he uses you as a toy, something he can throw any time. Why do you allow such agony to yourself, why do you bring shame to your self. Why do you hate your own self.

Love God, HE isn’t the enemy of your soul, but HE brings you out of bondages , breaks pride,  heals and restores. He died for you, He rose again for you, that you may resurrect  to life,  and in every situation.

Look to Him who made you, Who is your Maker and  Your Father. Humble yourself to God , the Undefeated One, the Majestic, the Glory of Heavens and Earth, Humble to Him and Believe in Him.

Today enter into His LIFE, HIS REST. His peace.

He calls to those who are fatherless, to be a Father for them. To care, to nurture … and to bring forth your LIGHT.

In Jesus alone you have a relationship with God as Abba, Father.  Receive His Sonship.

Be not an orphan , for He sent His Helper.

Come and enter and be at peace with God.

Dear Father in Heaven,

I give every weary, tired soul to you. I pray by Your multitude of mercy God will heal and restore. You will reveal Yourself as Their Father In Heaven. That you care and want to share Your everything, even Your Son Jesus. Lord, reveal the Glorious Son Jesus Christ to all that thirst and hunger for You. Let the Living water flow from their spirit, hedge them by Your precious Blood O Lord Jesus, today let them know U  are the Lord. 

Heal the parents who seek you today, heal every mother and dad’s heart and heal every daughter and son, every confused youth, confused elder. Heal the broken heart, break the spirit of discord. Let Healing flow from the throne of God, Let every heart rejoice in Your Liberty, freedom. I pray and believe  the anointing of the Lord will break the yoke of satan from Your people according to Your promise in Isaiah 10: 26-27 – 

And the Lord of hosts will stir up a scourge for him like the slaughter of Midian at the rock of Oreb; as His rod was on the sea, so will He lift it up in the manner of Egypt.

It shall come to pass in that day
That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder,
And his yoke from your neck,
And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.

Come Holy Spirit, breathe Life, In Jesus name Amen





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