Dear Holy Spirit, Teach me Your Word, anoint my writing.. Fill my heart with the Holy Love for God and Our Lord Jesus Christ afresh.. In Jesus name Amen

Kiss me with the Kisses of your mouth 

For your Love is better than wine.– Song of Solomon 1:1

Master's Love

MASTER’S LOVE – The greatest desire of the servant is to hear the rare comments of appreciation and love from the Master. Even we, in this world – get so pleased when our bosses truly appreciate and are satisfied with the work we did. We know we can expect good promotion and hike in the year-end! And be diligent towards  the work. The reward for the work done here, is paid back here itself.. Nothing of it can be compared with the Love of God and the pleasure of serving the Beloved.

Enter the Garden of His love

The most amazing thing is to win the love of Master.. As Jehovah .. He is Love and loves us unconditionally.. As Master, HE is 100% perfect, lacks no discipline, doesn’t leave any cords loose.. He knows our frame and that we are dust, but He even knows our spirit that is created in His image.. Perfect, without blemish.. So HE demands the spirit man to take control and charge, that the dust will not come in way. He works so we learn His ways.. and unlearn our ways.

One of the most difficult thing is to let self go.. But one of the easiest is to say yes, when He asks you to deny self. In fighting with Him no man has prevailed… but if we do it out of duty.. Even God has no pleasure in it, He doesn’t even want it..sacrifice your life out of love .. Because then He will show the love He has for you in ways that cannot be ascribed with the material world He blesses us with. Even the Gold, silver of this world if He gave it all to you.. Cannot compare the Love He has for each of His servants.

He took His disciples to the Mount of Olives and Transfigured Himself.. This revelation is only for the Trustworthy and diligent servant.

Such enter the Holiest.. Meet the Lord, speak to Him..are transformed in His glory… The benefits of being the servant that God loves!! 



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